7 tips to prepare your children for the removal

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7 tips to prepare your children for the removal


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Keep these tips in mind to make moving easier on your child. As an opener, it’s worth maintaining a cool, collected and generally positive attitude towards moving house. Children will pick up on cues from the parent, and follow suit once the situation has been explained honestly and openly. Remember that for many children, moving away from family, friends and a familiar home can be distressing: be prepared for disquiet but also be confident that you can help them through the experience.

Tell them as soon as you can

As soon as you are certain that a family move will be going ahead, tell your children so that they have as much time as possible to process the information. This period of coming to terms with the situation should be enough to iron out the many problems that will be racing through their heads.


Choose the right time to tell them

This will vary from family to family. As you can imagine, this is very big news for your children to fully understand. Ensure that, should they want it, there is enough time to answer their questions and talk them through the process for as long as they realistically need. Giving them time shows respect for their feelings about the matter and begins their involvement appropriately. Many find that after dinner is a good time, as it meets the above requirements.

Consider their existing relationships

School friends should be factored into their worries about the move. Do not brush off the importance of their friends based on their age, as this will likely be an important subject to them. Older children will likely stay in touch on their own, via social media channels. However, for younger children, you can arrange a pen friend relationship. At whatever age, using social media is at your own discretion. Think about online safety and how you intend to protect your child when they use the internet.

Help children to visualise their new home

Pictures are a great start to giving them a clue as to what their new life will be like. The next step is to emphasise any other details they will benefit from directly. The usual things to push are a larger garden; own rooms for the first time; a bigger room; or any other special features of the new home.

Give accurate school information

If your children are going to move school, this can be equally worrisome for them and can heighten feelings of anxiety that were already brought on by the house move. Having access to photos of the school, either via the web or by requesting a prospectus, will do you a world of good when it comes to familiarising your child with the new school.

Give specific dates

Be ready to provide an exact date for the move if you have it. If not, be honest with your child and inform them when you decide the move date. Avoid estimating the date in advance in case this suddenly becomes wildly inaccurate.

Give them space

It is important to be available to answer questions about moving, but it is equally important to allow your child space to reflect on the idea and get used to it.

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