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We know the areas we serve very well indeed. On this blog, we provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when moving to your new location and home. Enjoy!

What You Should Know About Moving To London Image

What You Should Know About Moving To London

08 April 2019

As well as being one of the world’s more popular cities for visiting tourists, London has also seen a steady stream of people moving to the area on a permanent basis, expanding its borders and bringing more and more of its outer suburbs into the city to cope with the extra numbers. However, moving to a city such as London necessitates a number of important considerations.

Renting? Avoid Losing your Deposit Image

Renting? Avoid Losing your Deposit

01 April 2019

When renting any property, whether residential or commercial, the vast majority of the time you will be required to put up a deposit in order to guarantee against damage or unpaid rent. The exact amount will vary, but the process is generally the same each time: the deposit will be returned at the end of the tenancy, minus any amount used to cover damage and cleaning not already done. Despite new laws introduced in 2007 to help protect renters and their deposits in the form of the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme (TDP), landlords still retain certain rights when it comes to withholding part or all of a deposit from a tenant.        So if you’re moving house from a rented property, be sure to take some time to avoid losing your deposit.

How to Prepare for Moving Office Image

How to Prepare for Moving Office

25 March 2019

Moving can be a difficult process at the best of times, but when it involves the transfer of moving an entire office from one location to another, the complications can multiply. Not only is there the physical movement of equipment and furniture to consider, but there is also the need to keep business downtime to an absolute minimum to avoid disruption to clients and staff. This all means that preparation is key. So what considerations need to be made when moving office?

Increase the Kerb Appeal of Your House Image

Increase the Kerb Appeal of Your House

18 March 2019

One of the key factors of selling your home is making it attractive to potential buyers. There are countless ways you can do this, and the first ones that spring to mind will be to spruce up the interior of your home – re-decorating living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms to bring your house up to speed with contemporary trends. In fact, one of the most effective ways of increasing the appeal of your home is to change how it looks from the outside, helping your property catch the eye of potential buyers and passers-by alike.

Moving House with Pets Image

Moving House with Pets

11 March 2019

It’s no secret that moving house can be a busy and hectic time. Even with a professional removals company, such as Chappell’s, moving house with pets taking the stress out of the process, there is always a long list of jobs that need taking care of in the run-up to the big day. These tasks can begin to multiply when there are pets involved in moving to another house, specifically cats and dogs, which is why we have put together a few handy tips to help the relocation of your furry friends a lot less of an ordeal – both for you and for them!

Essential Items for Moving Day Image

Essential Items for Moving Day

04 March 2019

Moving house is all about effective planning, from ensuring that you’ve got a professional removals team on board (such as Chappell’s Removals) to preparing your new home for habitation. Although a good removals company will be on hand to take care of the preparation and transporting of your belongings, with so much going on it can be easy to forget about things that you might need to hand on the day of the move. Moving can be a long process that might not end until well into the evening, meaning that unpacking might be postponed until the morning. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of essential items that you will need to have access to on moving day…

Moving to a New Area: What do you need to know? Image

Moving to a New Area: What do you need to know?

25 February 2019

The old adage still rings true: buying property is all about location, location, location. Ensuring that your new home is situated in an area that’s desirable for many to live in reflects positively on house prices, keeping your investment sound for the future. However, moving to a new city or an unfamiliar part of town will mean putting some time and effort into researching the area, as there are a number of factors that could directly affect both the value of your property and the general standard of living…

Top Tips for Moving Abroad Image

Top Tips for Moving Abroad

18 February 2019

Making the decision to move abroad is certainly not one that should be taken lightly. With so many things to consider and so many ways it could affect you and your family, there are many things worth considering. So whether you are simply just considering what would be involved in an overseas move if you were to do it, or whether you have already made your decision and now it’s a matter of organising how all the pieces will slot together, the team here at Chappell's Removals have some top tips for moving abroad to share with you.

A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Clutter Before a Move Image

A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Clutter Before a Move

11 February 2019

Let’s face it – moving house can be a stressful situation, especially if you have a lot of stuff. It can be tempting to pack all of your items – wanted or otherwise – and transport them all along with you. Realistically though, this just creates more hassle as you end up having to pack then unpack some things you may not actually need or have use for in your new property. A good and thorough de-clutter is the solution to this problem, and there are plenty of avenues to consider using to get rid of unwanted clutter before a move.

How to pack your belongings safely for a home move Image

How to pack your belongings safely for a home move

04 February 2019

Moving house is bound to be stressful, whether it’s you on your own or if you’ve got a whole family including pets to take with you. One of the most important things to do, and something that will ensure everything goes that bit smoother, is to make sure that everything is packed safely and securely. Here at Chappell's Removals, we’ve got a wealth of experience and have helped countless families uproot, so have a look at our top tips on how to pack your belongings safely.

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