Why Containerised Storage is a Great Idea

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Why Containerised Storage is a Great Idea


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Putting items into storage has become an incredibly popular solution when space has grown tight, providing home and business owners alike a secure place to store important goods without having to dispose of them altogether.

This month, we’re taking a look at some of the top reasons why using containerised storage is one of the best possible solutions for anyone who needs to make room either temporarily or for extended periods of time.


Storage offers great flexibility to every customer. Not only are storage containers available for both domestic and business customers, but units can also be rented temporarily or for long term use. This means you can keep items in storage for as long as it makes sense to you, without any pressure at all.

This is ideal for those who need emergency storage for large, unwieldy items, or for those who need to retain ownership of important items for the future, but can’t justify the space in their current property.

Space saver

The most immediate benefit of containerised storage is the amount of space it saves you around the house. If you’re downsizing it will quickly become obvious how much space certain possessions take up, and if you’re unwilling to permanently part with them it can be tough to find new places for them without interfering with the look and feel of your home.

Containerised storage is perfect for keeping hold of excess items you don’t necessarily need around the house, but may still need in the future. A good declutter will breath new life into any home, and containerised storage allows you to do this without sacrificing any valuable or sentimental items you’re not prepared to sell or throw away while keeping them entirely safe and in great condition until you need them again.

Completely efficient process

With containerised storage, the process couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re a domestic or business customer you can rest assured that all your items are professionally packed, handled and transported by a team of fully trained experts.

Your goods will be packed carefully, to ensure that they stay safe during transport and during storage itself, and transported directly to the storage facility using modern removals vehicles. On-site, your items will be inventoried and safely put into storage where they will be kept in a controlled environment for as long as you need, so you don’t have to worry about the condition of your fragile goods or sensitive business documents, even over the long term.


You can easily request access to your goods by getting in touch, and the on-site team will be on hand to provide all the assistance you need.


Containerised storage is all about providing you with a storage solution that brings total peace of mind; from the security of the facility and the individual containers themselves to the care taken by the professional movers with all of your belongings, there’s no better choice when it comes to saving space.


Chappell's Removals provide safe and secure storage solutions for domestic and business customers in Woking, Weybridge and the surrounding areas. Our storage facilities offer comprehensive security and flexibility, with long term and short term storage available to suit your requirements, all at a competitive priceFor more information on our storage services, dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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