Living in Guildford: Location & Transport

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Living in Guildford: Location & Transport


Living in Guildford: Location & Transport Image

Welcome back to another edition of the "Living In Guildford" series with Chappell’s Removals!

In this edition, as the name might suggest, we’re looking at the largest town in Surrey – Guildford.

Guildford is the favourite town of Surrey as it has some of the best schools, the most expensive real estate and some of the fastest connections to central London in the borough. You can enjoy the best of both worlds – the suburban life with endless greenery and a slower pace of life, and hop on the train and get into the middle of it all in the large capital London. It’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to move to Guildford – and you could too. Chappell’s Removals has been operating in the area for decades and knows all the ins and outs of moving to Surrey – to see how we can help you, please visit our dedicated page: Removals Surrey


Guildford's Location

Guildford is located right on the edge of the Surrey Hills of Outstanding beauty.

This makes it a great area to go hiking, explore National Trust properties or even just walk the dog. The town itself is influenced by traditional English period architecture, and it has a large high street full of banks, restaurants, pubs and a variety of shops for your needs.

If the scenic life is what you are looking, Guildford has the beautiful River Wey running through it, allowing you to take a walk down its beautifully green and quiet pathways or even rent a narrow boat for the day or weekend to spend some time directly on the water. As an interesting note, the River Wey was originally made navigable between Weybridge and Guildford back in 1653!

Guildford even has its own castle, which is rare for a Surrey town! The castle is located in the middle of the town and forms the historical epicentre of the town’s activities and tourism. Guildford is also known for its art scene and many art galleries. If you’re more interested in nature, Stoke Park is one of Guildford’s largest parks and wonderful to stroll through in the summer.

As one of its more unique traits, Guildford has its own model railway club, the Astolat Model Railway Circle – showing that anyone can pursue their hobbies in this area! Do remember that because of the attractive offerings of Guildford, rent and real estate prices may be higher in this area than other parts of Surrey.


Transport in and around Guildford

As Guildford is a major Surrey hub, it’s no surprise that it has its own railway station. On the South Western Railway, it would only take you about 40 minutes to get into work every day in the capital, no changes! The fastest route by car takes just under an hour, if you want to avoid the train rush in the mornings, though do remember you will be subject to the congestion charge.

Unfortunately, cycling into London won’t be an option, as it would take you almost 3 hours! However, if you need to visit nearby towns in Surrey, cycling through the hills can be an ideal way of transport.

Like to travel abroad? Great news! It would take you just under an hour to get to both Gatwick and Heathrow, so you never have to worry about long journeys to and from the airport. If your flight arrives late at night, you can also take the car and avoid traffic – you could be home in half an hour!

If you’re thinking of moving to Guildford, do check out our dedicated landing page to see how we could help you right here: Removals Guildford.


If you’re interested in moving to Guildford or the surrounding areas, please do visit our dedicated landing page here. You'll be able to get a free estimate booked in and view all of the other services we provide in our Guildford Removals service.


This article was written by Alexandra Willems. You can view her author bio on this dedicated page.

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