Moving to Woking: Location and Public Transport

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Moving to Woking: Location and Public Transport


Moving to Woking: Location and Public Transport Image

Are you considering moving to Woking, Surrey?

If you are indeed considering a move to Woking, Chappell’s removals (who have been operating in the area for over 20 years) want to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the move. For this reason, we provide you with everything you need to know about the area, this includes:

  • Location and Transport (this post)
  • Schools and Education
  • Healthcare
  • Family activities
  • Nightlife
  • History
  • Noteworthy Mentions

So today, we would like to talk about the Location and Public Transport of Woking.

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Moving to Woking: Location and Transport 


Woking is a very modern town located close to the heart of Surrey. As you will see below, Woking has excellent roads, rail service and connections and an easy commute for air travel too.

Whilst just 25 miles south-west of central London, Woking has maintained a 60% ‘green belt’ to ensure the countryside, agriculture and outdoor leisure activities are kept intact.

The Woking community also celebrate the vibrancy of Woking in something they call ‘Celebrate Woking’, which is an annual calendar of events that generally attracts around 200,000 people each year to take part in the free, family-orientated events.

Rail in and out of Woking:

Woking railway station is one of the busiest in Surrey and connects directly to London Waterloo within 25 minutes and so is part of the ‘London Commuter Belt’. This train also comes every few minutes, so getting to the capital is never an issue.

From the station, you can also get direct lines to a number of major cities across the country, such as:

  • Bristol
  • Exeter
  • Bournemouth
  • Winchester
  • Southampton
  • Cardiff
  • Portsmouth
  • and many more

These services are operated by ‘South West Trains’ (run by South Western Railway)

Buses and Coaches:

Woking, like many other cities within Surrey, have a fully functioning network of buses and coaches that actually link the main town with around 14 different villages within the area.

You can view the timetables for Woking buses here: Woking Bus Timetables


Woking is a very cycle-friendly place, with near to £2 million being invested by ‘Cycle England’ to help improve the cycling facilities and routes in the area. This initiative is called ‘Cycle Woking’ and is part of a larger plan to make Woking a regional ‘hub’ for shopping, employment and transport.


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