How to Prepare for Moving Office

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How to Prepare for Moving Office


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Moving can be a difficult process at the best of times, but when it involves the transfer of moving an entire office from one location to another, the complications can multiply. Not only is there the physical movement of equipment and furniture to consider, but there is also the need to keep business downtime to an absolute minimum to avoid disruption to clients and staff.

This all means that preparation is key. So what considerations need to be made when moving office?

Starting Point in Moving Offices

As with any move, once the new property is finalised and a date has been set, it’s time to talk to the professionals.

The services of a removals company, such as the office move experts at Chappell's Removals is vital in ensuring that everything goes to plan in a stress-free and efficient manner, and discussing your needs with one early on should be a priority.

A removals company will help to plan the move step-by-step, putting dates on when each stage needs to happen (labelling, packing, organising transport etc.), giving you and your staff a much clearer idea of what their responsibilities are. Having a detailed schedule will help to lower the risk of unforeseen setbacks, and should hopefully allow you to move office with a little disruption to business hours as possible.

New Office Preparations

There is no point in embarking on an office move if your new property isn’t ready to go. Make sure that all phone lines and utilities are up-and-running in advance, and that desks (or spaces for desks) are laid out correctly to avoid moving day confusion. It won’t hurt to give it a final clean before the crates and furniture arrive, too.

Labelling and Packing

In order to ensure that the new office is set up and ready to go as soon as possible, the packing stage requires careful attention. Labelling each staff member’s items (computer, desk, chair etc.) will help to keep the reassembly simple, as will giving them all a separate, labelled crate in which to put the rest of their possessions. Maintaining consistent communication with all staff will aid the coordination of packing and labelling.

Check that you have sufficient packaging for delicate electrical items, such as computers, and try to keep all cables with their respective equipment to avoid mixups.

Inform Clients

While you may be confident in being able to move quickly and effectively, there are no guarantees that there will be no interruption to business. Informing your clients of your proposed move and the dates you have in mind will hopefully buy you some patience in regards to responding to enquiries.

Similarly, those clients and customers that are used to visiting you in-office will obviously need to know your new address, so take the time to send out sufficient notices. A letterheaded ‘Change of Address’ card could add a personal touch.

Chappell's Removals have over 40 years’ industry experience, carrying out office moves across Surrey and the wider UK. Our expert and friendly team are on hand to provide advice and assistance, taking care of every stage from the preparation right through to moving day to ensure that what can be a complex process goes without a hitch.

Get in touch with Chappell’s Removals today to find out more.

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