Tips and Advice for Fine Art and Antique Removals

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Tips and Advice for Fine Art and Antique Removals


Tips and Advice for Fine Art and Antique Removals Image

When preparing to move and let your worldly possessions to be transported to their new home, careful planning and preparation is key to ensuring that the risk of damage is reduced. This means getting hold of the right materials, stacking boxes correctly so as not to put too much weight on breakables, and enlisting the help of professionals to carry out all packing and moving in a safe and effective manner.

Fine Art and Antique Removals

While throwing some books and clothes in boxes might be straightforward, when it comes to transporting an entire home there has to be consideration given to the more vulnerable and valuable items that need moving.

There are steps you can take to pack these items yourself. However, the majority of fine art, antiques, precious breakables, mirrors and any other belongings that may be susceptible to damage will require the attention of experts when it comes to securing them for transit.



For moving larger items, such as paintings and floor-length mirrors, specialist packaging and boxes can be used (such as robust picture frame boxes), designed to reduce movement during transit. It is also a good idea to tape an X shape over any large sheets of glass (mirrors, framed artworks), as this can protect against the glass shattering or cracks forming.

Corner guards are advised to prevent damage to frames, but if you are using paper to wrap paintings and antiques in, be sure to avoid newspaper, as ink can rub off onto your priceless items.

Smaller breakables can be secured in bubble wrap, before ideally being packed into boxes using foam and extra padding to plug the gaps.

Before attempting to move any boxes that contain valuables, be sure that the box is structurally secure and is not liable to fall open or split while being carried.

Moving Fine Art and Antiques

The order in which boxes are stacked within the moving vehicle will help to limit the danger of damage caused by undue weight. Place all boxes containing heavy and robust items at the bottom, with your valuable items on top – preferably arranged in a way so as to prevent movement.

Be sure to clearly mark all boxes that contain valuables and delicate pieces to be moved so that anyone who might come to pick them up at a later date is aware that caution must be used.


The best way to guarantee safety for your fine art and antique removals is to call on the help of professionals. An experienced removals company will not only take the stress out of ensuring that your valuable items are properly looked after during the move, but they can also be available beforehand in order to carry out packing services.


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