A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Clutter Before a Move

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A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Clutter Before a Move


A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Clutter Before a Move Image

Let’s face it – moving house can be a stressful situation, especially if you have a lot of stuff. It can be tempting to pack all of your items – wanted or otherwise – and transport them all along with you. Realistically though, this just creates more hassle as you end up having to pack then unpack some things you may not actually need or have use for in your new property. A good and thorough de-clutter is the solution to this problem, and there are plenty of avenues to consider using to get rid of unwanted clutter before a move.

Have a Big Sort Out

First things first, make sure you’ve gone through your possessions and organised what to keep and what you don’t want. Be fairly ruthless – if you’ve not used something for a few years (or ever), or if it gets hidden away when you have guests then it’s highly likely you won’t want to take it with you when you move. Once you’ve done that, you can start figuring out where things can go.

Sell it on an Auction Site

Online auction sites are a great place to put your unwanted possessions for other people to buy – it’s quick, mostly hassle-free and someone else could be after that birthday present you got five years ago and aren’t so keen on any more. Every now and then the sites offer a ‘free listing’ option, so keep an eye out and put your items on at this time to save yourself a bit of money. This option is better for unique items such as lamps and chairs, as they’re more likely to sell than DVDs and CDs. Make sure you pack the items up properly when sending them to the buyer to avoid any damage in transit!

Donate to Charity Shops

Items like clothes (that are clean and in good condition) and books can be given to charity shops – why not separate your items and give to a few local charities so each one close by will have some donations? Some will come and pick the items up, which can make things a little easier for you, but either way, it’s a fantastic idea. Not only does it get rid of the things you don’t want, but they also go to a very good cause. You can also ‘Gift Aid’ it to make it tax-efficient for your chosen charities.

Host a Yard Sale

This one might seem a little American, but a Yard Sale could be a great opportunity to sell some items and know they’re going to a good home (usually a neighbour!). This option is good for fragile and bulky items like mirrors and sofas.

So there you have it, some ideas on how to de-clutter your house and where to take your unwanted possessions. Here at Chappell's Removals & Storage, we’ve got a great team who are happy to help you when you’re moving house. Get in Touch for more information on how we offer assistance – whether it’s packing, storage, house clearance or the big move itself.

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