What You Should Know About Moving To London

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What You Should Know About Moving To London


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As well as being one of the world’s more popular cities for visiting tourists, London has also seen a steady stream of people moving to the area on a permanent basis, expanding its borders and bringing more and more of its outer suburbs into the city to cope with the extra numbers.

However, moving to a city such as London necessitates a number of important considerations.


Moving to London


There is one factor involved in moving to the capital that will often spring to mind first: price. There’s no getting away from it; the cost of renting and buying property in London is up there with the highest in any of the world’s cities, and come as quite a shock to those used to living in more affordable parts of the UK. Generally, the closer to the central boroughs you go, the more likely you are to encounter sky-high prices, but there are cost-friendlier options.

Try to look at house share options, and do a price comparison between different areas. Rents and house prices can vary wildly from borough to borough, especially the further you head towards the outer limits, and council tax is also drastically affected depending on location. If your new home is smaller than your previous one in an attempt to save on rent, place non-essential furniture and other bulky items into storage to reduce clutter.


On first glance, London can appear a busy, hectic and sometimes inhospitable place to be, particularly at rush hour. But beneath the surface, the city offers up a wealth of attractive and unique lifestyle opportunities. A truly international place, London has soaked up the cultures and cuisines of its many immigrants over the centuries, providing an experience that’s wholly unique with something for everyone. Be sure to take time out to rest and get away from the hustle and bustle every once in a while.


London’s transport options are one of its greatest attractions for those moving there, with the ability to find a bus, tube or train to anywhere else in the city (mostly) a simple and straightforward process. To combat the high costs, look for discount offers and utilise the Oyster card (and your feet!)

London is not a particularly pleasant city to drive through, with heavy traffic and congestion zone charges around every corner. Take public transport where possible, and call on the professionals to move your belongings when relocating your home or business.


Be sure to shop about for everything from food to household items; don’t always rely on what’s closest to find the best deal.

There are numerous free events taking place across the city on a daily basis, whether art exhibitions or gigs in the smaller pubs and clubs. While varied in scope, entertainment can get a little pricy, so enjoy the free options as much as possible – even a stroll down the South Bank provides hours of budget fun!


Chappell's Removals operate throughout Weybridge, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames and the wider London area, helping those moving both to and around the capital. As we have over 40 years of industry experience, you can be sure you’re in reliable hands with Chappell’s, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your removal needs.

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