Why Hire a Professional Removals Service?

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Why Hire a Professional Removals Service?


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Moving house is regularly cited as one of the most stressful things a person goes through in their lives, but this needn’t be true if you take steps to ensure that you don’t take on the tricky tasks alone.

Hiring the help of removals professionals helps to avoid potential pitfalls that could heap stress onto an already stressful process, and can even save you time and money while keeping your possessions safe.


Speed and Efficiency

Moving a whole house requires the transportation of a large number of items – we’re not talking a couple of trips back and forth in the car here! If attempting the move alone, this means hiring a van big enough for the task, with all of the hassle and fees that go with that. Professional removal companies, on the other hand, take away the need for organising this complex part of the removals process, providing all vehicles necessary and in many different sizes to suit requirements.

A team of trained professionals will also likely get the job done a lot quicker than relying on your friends and family will, loading up the removals vans in such a way as to limit the number of journeys necessary to move everything.


Health and Safety

Professional movers are just that: professionals. That means they are trained and experienced when it comes to doing the heavy lifting, eradicating any danger of you doing yourself a nasty injury while hauling boxes of books and kitchen items from one place to another.



Before the first item is loaded into the van and off to your new home, there’s the small matter of packing your worldly belongings into boxes. The temptation might be to force as many things as possible into as few boxes as possible to reduce the number of trips needed. However, this inevitably leads to damage caused by overfilling boxes or not properly safeguarding breakables to be moved with bubble wrap and other packing materials.

Luckily, the professionals are on hand to take care of this stressful and tricky part of the removals process. Many companies will provide boxes and other packaging suited to the job, before filling them correctly with your possessions in a manner that will prevent them from moving around in transit.



If you’ve shoved your things into some boxes and then into a van you have hired, you’re leaving yourself open to the risk of damage occurring to your treasured possessions. Not only do professional removers ensure that items are safely packed to avoid movement, but they will also supply ‘goods in transit’ insurance to protect against the unthinkable – another weight off your mind!

Chappell's Removals are the leading providers of removals services throughout South West London and the wider Surrey area. If you’re thinking of moving home, don’t take a risk on the whole project alone. Our expert and friendly team are on hand to take care of the process from start to finish, offering packing options alongside careful and attentive moving services. For more information, get in touch with Chappell’s Removals today.

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